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Chelsea Magee

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Name: Chelsea Magee
Date registered: January 11, 2016


Chelsea Magee is an exceptional talent in our business and brings a unique perspective as a millenial to our training. Having been involved in digital throughout her career she gains valuable insight in helping dealers with their Digital Marketing. Chelsea is our Client Success Director and oversees our Online Training Website, Digital Marketing and Social Media. Most importantly she manages our client web based training to review Mystery Shops and Internet Process Performance Reviews. She has extensive experience in working with our most successful clients and will ensure you have all the attention you need to understand how to make all these strategies and tactics work for your dealership.

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Chelsea Magee

Dealership Blogging: Does It Really Work?

Businessman thinking

Everyone loves free information. And free information brings in customers. In fact, 90% of future car buyers reported that they searched online for answers to their questions about their next vehicle purchase or service.

Three strategies for blogging success

Because of this push for knowledge, blogs are no longer a luxury. But you have to do it right if you want to get the best results for your dealership.

1. Become an industry expert

Defy the stereotypes! Show future buyers that dealing with car dealers actually can be better than eating worms! Online research can frustrate customers, partly because we often let third-party sites educate them with inaccurate and confusing information.

Blogging is one of the best ways for your dealership staff to establish authority and expertise. Once Google realizes you’re an authority on the topic(s) customers are searching for, you’re going to see increased traffic from search engines. And who doesn’t want to drive more traffic to their website?

2. Stick to a schedule

I often see dealerships post a few blogs and then quit. You must blog regularly and remain focused on providing high-quality information. Did you know that Google knows the difference between high and low-quality? This is one of Google’s 200 ranking factors!

Make sure you create a schedule you can maintain by creating an editorial calendar.

3. Tackle current issues

Talk to your staff and find out the “top ten” questions they answer on a regular basis. You can do this for both your sales and service departments. Make sure to write posts about your local area and events as this will also boost your local relevancy. Another hint? Review everything! Customers often add the word “review” to many of their web searches.

Keep in mind that you must write fresh content instead of copying and pasting from your manufacturer’s website. Google and your customers know the difference.

The icing on the cake? Ongoing communication is like marketing: You have to stay top of mind with your clients. How else are you going to provide customers with a steady stream of information without running them off? Customers may ignore your ads, but blogs include content they actually want to read. Supplying this content gets them to your website and helps humanize your dealership.

Join Chelsea for Kain Automotive and NCMi’s course, Mastering Digital Marketing, for more actionable insights and strategy.

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Chelsea Magee

How to increase your social presence


Did you know that Social advertising outperforms all traditional media? It also exceeds nearly every digital ad format on both a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM) of the ad … when targeted, optimized and tracked! You’re probably thinking, “Great! So how do I get started?”

To get your actual consumers or prospective consumers to follow you, you need to give them a good reason. Below are some quick tips that you can utilize on any social platform.

  1. Accept the importance of social media. You need to realize that social media is here, and it’s not going anywhere. If you resist the change, you are sure to fall behind. So what’s the good news? A little bit of effort goes a long way!
  2.  Be visual! Pictures drive engagement, regardless of the platform! Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without related images. Utilize images that will immediately intrigue, delight and connect with your audience. (And no, I don’t mean just pictures of your inventory!)You might want to think about it this way: Images are bold, beautiful and simple to scan. Visuals are especially important in our quick-paced society. People love to see themselves online, and pictures draw them in, so consider posting photos of happy customers (with their permission). Do you have an animal mascot at the dealership? Involve them! Pets and animals seem to get a lot of “likes.” 
  3. Engagement is essential. Keep your customers engaged with games and giveaways.

        Think about your target audience. What do they want? What are their hobbies and                     lifestyles?  In Lexington, I might offer tickets to a University of Kentucky basketball game.           What would appeal to your clientele? 

        You also need to think about how much effort from your consumer are you asking; match         the giveaway with your ask. If you give too little, you won’t get a lot of motivation, and               you won’t gain followers or increase engagement. You might get a ton of followers when           you offer a grand giveaway, but you also run the risk of consumers not trusting you. Our           industry already has an issue with distrust, so don’t prove consumers’ worst fears right!

       A quick note about giveaways in social media: Most channels have pretty strict rules                  about contests and giveaways, so be sure to check terms and conditions. These rules                  change frequently, so review them before any contest, just to be safe.

Join Kain Automotive and NCMi for 2 courses, Mastering Digital Marketing and Internet/BDC Operations Management, for more actionable insights and strategies for digital marketing and internet sales.


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Chelsea Magee

Intimidated by digital marketing? Don’t be!


It doesn’t matter what amazing deal, video or article you have, unless someone sees it! That’s why digital marketing is so important. It drives traffic to your website, and that traffic to your website drives leads to your CRM. Sounds easy and not super complicated, right?

It all starts with search

Fortunately, Google wants it to be that way. Most traffic starts with search. After all, whenever someone has a question, what’s the first response?  I ALWAYS say, “Just Google it!”

Your customers use Google to look up certain vehicles, your dealership reputation and much more. In fact, the search engine giant receives more than 3.5 billion searches per day. A solid digital plan makes their searching easy and quick, like a drive thru window.

You don’t need a web developer

So often, I find that dealerships think digital marketing is a super complicated thing. Many are concerned that they need to have—or hire—someone with extensive technical knowledge, like a website developer. You’ll probably be surprised to read that the best online marketing strategies aren’t about understanding computers, but understanding people!

People are the secret to digital marketing

Expanding your online presence starts with learning what online shoppers expect so you can get consumers’ attention.

Think about what grabs your attention at drive thru windows. Is it the price? Probably not—it’s about the tantalizing photos and descriptions. Digital marketing is about offering the right content, images and offers in the right places. Once you understand how your customers interact with the web, you can identify the best mobile strategy, website design, and social media presence. Then you learn how to use performance metrics to gauge your results. This part is a little technical, but with many resources to guide you, you don’t need to worry!

You can do this

Really, the biggest takeaway I want you to get from this blog is that digital marketing isn’t all that different from skills you already have: understanding what customers need and knowing how to talk to them. It’s just that you’re doing it in a different way. When you focus on people, not the technology, you can see that the digital landscape is really all about relationship building … with a few extra bells and whistles!

Join Chelsea for Kain Automotive and NCMi course, How to Lead in the Digital Marketplace, for more actionable insights and strategies for digital marketing.



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