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#AskNCM: What are the Potential Benefits of a Service BDC?

Considering a service BDC? NCM expert Rick Wegley outlines the things you need to you consider before making the move. Check out the pros and cons below!

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NCM Associates

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  1. Michael McCabe

    Great message as I’m a firm believer in BDC Management for Sales and Service since 1992. BDC Management not only controls what is said on every call using scripts, strategic responses and word tracks, while freeing up sales associates or advisors to deal with the customers in front of them while not going crazy with calls constantly ringing, but also addresses those customers who normally would go unanswered, or hang up due to long hold times or put into voice mail. By the time those customers are responded to, they have normally booked elsewhere and moved on if they even left a message. BDC’s solve these issues and so much more that the value they bring offsets the cost associated with them and drives the business consistently using best practices all the while bringing the highest level of results in scheduled appointments and show ratio’s.

  2. Rick Wegley
    Rick Wegley

    Thanks for the positive comments Michael – when properly implemented, a service (or sales) BDC can truly enhance the customer experience, reduce the number of inbound calls to service advisors and increase the number set / shown appointments in all departments.

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