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Why Your Dealership Needs an Ups System


There are only two categories of dealerships: Those that use an ups system and those that don’t. Today, I’m going to explain why you might want to change your mind if you’re in the latter category.

No ups system = No system at all

Dealerships without an ups system tend to have a manager who “came up” through the ranks in a similar environment. Alternatively, management believes that their sales staff will wait more quickly on customers without a formal system in place. And, in some cases, they view an informal system as a way to reward the go-getters: Their most aggressive salespeople will get the most ups.

The problem with operating without an ups system is that your least productive people—those always standing on the point smoking and joking—end up waiting on the majority of your lot traffic. Meanwhile, your most productive people are following up with unsold prospects, contacting their sold customers and studying product knowledge: meaning that this approach rewards the wrong staff.

Even worse is the fact no system means no accountability. How often do you find yourself asking, “Is there anybody waiting on that customer?” You don’t know because there is no system that defines who actually should be waiting on that client. In addition, the aggressive non-productive salesperson waiting on your customer today will be the same salesperson not following up on that same non-sold customer tomorrow.

Take back control over sales

With an ups system, management maintains control of salesperson activity. A sound system creates a balance between face-to-face time assisting customers on the lot and time to follow up on unsold prospects, staying in contact with customers and asking for referrals, and studying product knowledge materials. Another key advantage is that sales people have no more excuses about not being able to do the things that make a salesperson successful because they don’t have the time—with no more burning through ups all day long, they should have plenty of time to do other work.

If you want to take your dealership to the next level, now is the time to implement a written ups system that will make your sales staff accountable for their time at your dealership. Good luck and great selling!

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Steve Kain

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  1. Leo Hart

    Steve, great message.

  2. Charlie Heinrich

    Sounds like a tip of the hat to the folks at automotive profit builders

  3. Garry

    Great points, Steve…

    It’s inconceivable to me, that in today’s retail automotive business climate, there are still stores operating with “open” floors vs. a controlled, and accountable, “closed” floor discipline. I guess the following says it best:: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Those dealers that (sooner or later) don’t adopt a “closed” floor discipline will be sooner or later GONE!

    Garry House

  4. Emir Abinion

    Great blog Steve. I’m in your BG 20 group. Can you email me a Best Practice process on Up Systems? We are looking to implement and want to avoid pit falls.

    Hope you had a great Christmas, Holidays and Happy New Year

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