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#AskNCM: What’s the hardest job at the dealership?

Salesperson? GM? Dealer? What’s the most difficult job in the dealership? Robin Cunningham’s answer might surprise you.

Find out if yours is the hardest job:

Have another for Robin or the other #AskNCM experts? Leave a comment below!

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  1. curtis goodwin

    Great segment Robin! Too often in our industry, in my opinion, the service advisor doesn’t get the recognition that they are owed, or the remuneration compared to a sales consultant. The latter has always been a mystery to me considering that a top performing service advisor can generate more gross per month than a sales consultant will.

  2. Mark Phillips

    Your right Robin. The service advisor also has the greatest opportunity to move the gross needle in a dealership as well. Keep em coming

  3. Ron Provost

    The service advisor – By far is the toughest job – I appreciate everyday what they do here in our organization.

    They are usually under appreciated and work by far the longest hours. Most of the time they are delivering bad news to the customer – And when I say bad news – I mean they deliver answers that have estimate attached.

    I have been in the service industry at dealers for about 38 years –

    I believe 1 thing – The manufacturers marketing department sells the first car – everything after that – its the service team.

    My lowest selling advisor – generate more income than our TOP sales persons – Yet – The sales person is placed on a pedestal.

    I am happy our group see’s it differently – We all work as a team to strive towards taking care of our customers – because at the end of the day We only have 1 BOSS – and that the customer. They can fire us – as a provider anytime they want – without any repercussions.

    I want to make it clear – To succeed – You need the right people – Spending millions on your building (mostly for ego) is fine and dandy! But I have seen a lot of nice places go broke.

    Invest in your people FIRST! everything else is secondary. You take care of them… They take care of the customer – and the money takes care of itself!

    Ron Provost
    Director of Operations
    Downtown Automotive Group
    677 Queen Street East
    Toronto, On M4M 1G6
    Direct : 416-703-3076

  4. Tim Crabtree

    Hi Robin, I have to agree with you that I also believe the Advisors have the toughest job and wear the heaviest burden I believe. When you take into consideration they are the entire contact all the way from the greeting to the active delivery. Not to mention the most impact when it comes to the CSI scores.

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