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Jerry Powers

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#AskNCM: What are NCM’s best practices for used vehicle appraisals?

You’d be amazed, says NCM expert, Jerry Powers, at the number of dealerships that don’t have a defined used vehicle appraisal process.

So, how do you fix it? Jerry tells you how to make the most of the informal systems you already have, and shares the benchmarks you need to watch to stay on market.

Have another question for #AskNCM? Ask it below. Learn more about Jerry Powers and how he and his NCM colleagues can help your dealership through 20 Groups and in-dealership consulting.

About the author

Jerry Powers

Jerry Powers

Gerald Powers – Jerry to his friend and colleagues – brings more than 35 years of solid retail operations success to NCM® Associates as an Executive Conference Moderator and Consultant. Advancing through Sales into Management, Jerry has a history of driving sales for both import and domestic dealerships while a dealer and general manager. A past chairman of Honda National Dealer Advisory Board, Jerry has expertise in new and used vehicle management, as well as in fixed operations.

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