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#AskNCM: How can I reduce my turnover?

Is turnover killing your dealership? You’re not alone. According to a 2015 report, car sales consultants had a 72 percent turnover rate. It was even higher in non-luxury sales, at 80 percent! Not only do we face a massive image issue, but changing millennial attitudes towards employment make it harder than ever to find the right fit.

NCM expert, Joe Basil, explains that high turnover is a symptom of hiring practices that lead to bad interviews. Discover how to stop selling the position and start hiring the best people for your dealership … without losing them in 60 days.

Get the best questions and strategies for your upcoming interviews. Join Joe for his solutions-focused class, Finding Top Talent. And don’t forget to check out our class, Success-Driven Pay Plans to help you keep that great people you’ve hired! 

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  1. Joey Holland

    Can you please share with me your recommended interview questions to ask a sales candidate & a service advisor candidate? Thank you in advance!!

    1. Joe Basil

      Joey, the set of interview questions I present in my class have been developed and proven over many years of interviewing. It is core content of my course that I only share with class participants. I will however share the strategy of an interview with you. What you really want to discover in an interview is how the candidate will actually behave and perform in the position. In order to do this you have to probe their past accomplishments and look for patterns. The most effective way I have done this is to ask them to explain how they would handle certain situations that may arise in the position. I also probe how they handled situations in past positions. I look for alignment of both responses to confirm that they are consistent, again looking for patterns. it’s their accomplishments that are of value not if they can work Excel or Word. I can teach them those skills but it’s their true talents that will come out of probing their accomplishments and this is what will predict how they will behave and perform in eh position they are interviewing for.

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